Executive Coaching

Paving the way to success.

Professional qualifications are of course the primary requirement for any executive. Nonetheless, this is only one aspect of the actual qualities needed to turn a managerial employee into a first-class executive or managing director.

Other crucial factors are a person’s individual style of leadership and how they relate to staff and customers. It is difficult for executives themselves or even colleagues and other members of the company – since they are directly involved – to assess these social skills objectively.

This where Dietz & Associates applies its method of “executive coaching”. Consultancy and support for the executive concerned are based on a consideration of observed behaviours: from the position of an independent and objective third party, we provide you with well-founded and differentiated feedback and can act as an intermediary if difficult situations arise.

The aim of executive coaching is to reconcile self-perception with other people’s perception, to reflect on this and thus initiate a learning process which leads to the formulation of concrete and target-oriented stages of development.

Please contact us for further information and a description of how this approach can work in practice in relation to your specific needs.